Monday, 29 February 2016

The Lady Writes Advertisers - February

How is it possible that February is already over?! Where is this year going?! ...While I wonder at this and other mysteries of the world, I wanted to take the time to thank this month's bloggers who've been my February advertisers - they're all amazing!

This month has seen an amazing array of different bloggers and I'm so proud to have each and every single one of them sporting a shiny position on my home page. It really is my pleasure to have you guys on board.

So, wondering who's part of the February crew? Let me introduce you...
Meet Kim, she's a sassy blogger with a penchant for beauty reviews. She's the face behind Romanovs Views and she's a lovely lady who keeps things classy with her blogs. She wrote a post a while back that really stayed with me and I shared it on Twitter a couple times, as she talked about escaping an abusive relationship - something which I have massive respect for.

I highly recommend you check out her review this month on the Younique Moodstruck 3d Mascara. I've heard big things about this mascara and the affects shown in Kim's pictures have convinced me that this is deffo a product to try this year. Pop over and say hi to Kim on Twitter too: @kimbi_4eva
A lovely lady who has become a friend, Caroline is the face behind Notes From Caroline. She's a Scarborough based blogger who is passionate about where she lives and wants to spread the word about her town. I love that she's so passionate about working with local businesses and it's a real breath of fresh air to find a blogger who's interested in featuring independent businesses as well as more well known brands. Caroline wrote a lovely post on local eatery Relish which made me drool, and you can check it out here.

Notes From Caroline has a great mix of everything - from her favourite fashion picks to candle reviews and she's a lovely blogger who is always up for a chat on Twitter! Say hello here: @NotesFcaroline
Amy is the lady behind my favourite music and entertainment blog right now. She's the face behind Hooked On The Music and blogs about album and ep reviews, news and events. Each week she has a featured artist which has introduced me to some amazing bands and singers who I'd not yet heard of. I love that she doesn't just blog on one music genre, but on a great mix. It means people like me who aren't massively musically educated can learn about artists who otherwise we're unlikely to hear about. Check our Amy's featured artist of the week - Ruby Force here.

An all round lovely gal, who's always up for a natter, quick to get involved in chats and generally a great girlie to know, follow her on Twitter here, and make sure you say hi! Amy: @HeyItsAmyKJ
If you haven't heard of Fran yet then I suggest you check out her blog, Franny Mac, pronto. One of my favourite blogs right now, Fran has this amazing way of blogging about anything and everything and making it all so relevant! Her blog is home to beauty tips and tricks (she's a beauty addict and woman after my own heart) as well as restaurant reviews and lifestyle posts that seem to be written directly to me (and you).

Her recent post 3 Super Easy Prosecco Cocktails was a personal fav and I have already enjoyed the Elderflower Spritz, next up on my list is the Berry Fizz. Fran's a modern lady who I'm loving getting to know, and you will too. Say hi on Twitter: @frannymac_
This lady has major sass and she's a blogger I really admire as she's got everything perfectly together over at Olivia Cheryl. She blogs on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle and she's got a great way with words that means I can easily sit and read through post after post with a good cuppa during my Sunday catch-ups.

Her recent post on her overnight stay at Ox Pasture Hall really made me want a weekend break of my own as she covered it perfectly. I love a good nosey in the life of the people behind my favourite blogs and so posts like this really make you feel like you're getting to know the face behind the brand. Check Olivia out on Twitter here: @_OliviaCheryl
A fellow tea addict and all round lovely lady, it's Jess. She's the face behind the bright and cheerful Juicyyy Jesss blog that features posts on anything lifestyle, including some pretty yummy baking recipes and she's also one of the ladies who got me utterly obsessed with Lush! I've got to hand it to Jess as she's inspired me this month - not only has she had the awful flu that was doing the rounds, but she's also been through the chaos that is moving house...AND she's still found time to blog. Hardcore eh?

I highly recommend that you check out her post Things To Thank Your Parents For - it's a beautifully written account of something most of us have found ourselves guilty of - not appreciating our parents enough. Follow Jess on Twitter and wish her well in her new home! Jess: @juicyyyjesss

Probably one of the bloggers that I admire the most. Emma is the lady behind Emma's Grimoire and she blogs about all things lifestyle - with a penchant for cats too! The amazing thing about Emma is that she's autistic - which is the same diagnosis as my little boy. Emma's blog has completely changed the way I think about adults with autism. As you know, it's something I feel very strongly about anyway but Emma does an awesome job of explaining herself - in a variety of situations, that explains the difference in the way she looks at the world.

A perfect example of this would be her post: Valentine's Day, Autism & Love which did the perfect job of answering some of the myths that autistic people face when it comes to social interaction, love and relationships. I can't applaud this lady enough and I recommend that everyone follows her blog. Say hi to Emma on Twitter here: @Emyii90
Eleanor is the awesome lady behind Eleanor Wears, a lifestyle blog that covers topics like beauty, mental health, feminism and empowerment. I got to know Eleanor over our shared love of social media and digital marketing and she's an all round great gal who's blog I recommend you check out if you're independent, sassy and on the look out for posts that will leave you feeling like you've learnt something.

Eleanor wrote an amazingly strong and bold post recently called #FreeKesha, Rape and Why It's So Important and it's one of the most poignant posts I've ever read. The fact that this lady can write a post with the cause being to encourage and help others in the midst of her own experience - well, it's a testament to why this girl is someone you need on your blogging radar. Say hello to Eleanor on Twitter here: @elleanorwears

...Pretty awesome bunch aren't they? I know I'm biased, but seriously, these ladies are brilliant bloggers and amazing examples of some of the blogasphere's finest. Make sure you check these ladies out - you'll be seeing much more from them!

Interested in advertising with me, and seeing your name on next month's post like this one? Then I've still got a couple of ad spots left for March, just drop me an email: or DM on Twitter here.
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