Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lady Writes Blogger Weekly

I absolutely love being a blogger.

I love that I've made some amazing friends through blogging, and some of the people I speak to the most and class as my closest friends are those I've met through blogging.

I also spend a lot of my time reading blogs. The amount of things I've bought because I read a review on it, or the places I've been to because someone said it was amazing - it's countless. I love to read reviews, thought provoking posts, fashion, beauty, parenting, lifestyle...I love them all!

I also feel really strongly about bloggers being part of a community. We're all in this together, and this community is one I want to contribute to and help to build. I was recently so disappointed to see that one of the bigger bloggers that I follow has become slowly more negative and belittling of other bloggers. As with everything in life, there will always be things that annoy us, or that we don't agree with but I don't think there should be a place in the blogging community for anything other than encouragement, especially publicly. Lets not try and tear others down, lets build each other up!

So to share with you some of the amazing blog posts I find, and to help us all find new and exciting blogs to read, I've started the Lady Writes Bloggers Weekly!

Lady Writes Bloggers Weekly is a weekly digital newspaper that comes out full of blog posts and content collected from bloggers of all categories. It's a newspaper that is full of content from the likes of amazing bloggers like YOU! Anyone can read it - blogger or not. So not only can you find new blogs to explore - so can everyone else. AND it will help to bring you some new page likes and visits!

I will be publishing the paper every Wednesday and will be tweeting every single blogger who's featured - this enables them to RT and tell everyone they've been featured, and draw more people to reading the paper.

Each week the content will change and if you would like your blog post to be considered for inclusion in the following weeks issue then just tweet me at @LadyWrites_Blog and use the hashtag #ladywritesbloggerweekly with your links. If your content is included, I will upload it to the newspaper and then you'll see your name in print!

And it's not just blog posts - it's YouTube videos too, so if you want one of yours included then contact me in the same was as above!

So, check out the very first edition of Lady Writes Blogger Weekly here!

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