Thursday, 17 September 2015

7 Reasons You Know He's A Keeper

He makes you laugh. More than anyone else ever has. I mean, full on, belly-deep, tears down your cheeks laughter. And it’s not just once in a while, it’s every day. He’s hilarious, he finds you hilarious and the pair of you together are going to be the couple in the old people’s home pulling pranks on everyone else. And he doesn’t even mind when you laugh so much you snort like a pig. Bonus.

He’s a gentleman. Now I’m all for independent women (Destiny’s Child warble) but a man who is offended at the prospect of you paying for dinner, or…anything. He’s a keeper. He sees his place as the provider, he knows he earns a good wage and doesn’t want you to struggle while he’s well off. The fact that you even offer to pay makes him look like you’ve shot him. The thing is, you don’t expect it and that’s what he likes too.

He’s generous, and not just with his money. He’s generous with his time. He still does his own thing with his mates, but he sees his time with you as an investment in your relationship. He would rather sit on the sofa, binging on tv series with you, than without you – even if you’re both in pj’s and you’re sporting major bun-head, and no make-up. He’s even happy to babysit while you go out with your friends, because he wants you to have fun, to have a break. He even offers to pay, to arrange to have you picked up.

He invests time in being friends with your child. And not just because deep down, he is one! (ha!) He thinks your child is an example of your parenting skills and the fact he gets to play Ninja Turtles is an absolute bonus for him. By the time you even mention watching Spiderman, he’s already set up on the sofa with the little man, ready to release his inner child.

He surprises you. Flowers, wine, chocolate. Not all at the same time, and sometimes all at the same time. That thing you saw in the shop you loved? He goes back a few days later and gets it for you. That night he told you to keep free, he takes you for dinner unexpectedly. He takes you flying in his plane, he tells you he’s got plans to fly you to Paris for the day, to take you to places you love. He’s always one step ahead.

You’re comfortable with each other. Those awkward moments that usually make for great side-ways shifting looks? He laughs them off, he makes you laugh. He talks about awkward things like they’re normal. It makes things normal. You’ve never been more at ease with another person. You like to dress up for him, but know that it’s fine to be in pj’s with bun-head and no make-up. It wouldn’t affect his feelings for you, because he’s feelings aren’t shallow. He accepts you for your faults, and you accept his. No-one’s perfect, but he’s perfect for you.

He’s manly. He knows his place in the relationship. He’s the man. He empties bins, he fixes broken things, he puts pictures up – he flexes his muscles at all the right times. He knows things about cars, about insurance, about bills and banks – so you can finally relieve your dad from being your go-to panic phone call.

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