Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Trouble With Girls

We've all encountered them. We all know someone who's dealing with them, someone who's been heartbroken because of them, or even, someone who is one of them.

No matter whether you're single, or in a relationship, we've all encountered these girls in one way or another.

I call them girls, because in my current opinion they aren't deserving of the "lady" or even "woman" title. Far from mature or moral, they deserve the title of "girls" because they act like them - not like the grown women they should be.

It may sound harsh, and to be fair, it probably is. However, I'm not being totally catty, I've just never had a good experience with this type of girl before. I'm sure they could be very nice people. Okay, I'm sure they could be average people. Average, yes.

I'm talking about the girls who know a guy is taken/spoken for, and yet it does nothing to put them off. In fact, lots of these girls actually try harder when they know their target is spoken for. They're the girls who sleep with your mates boyfriend, who flirt behind their boyfriend's back, who text guys with girlfriends...basically the girls who don't do the normal thing and back off when someone is off the market.

I've known many in time - personally and through friends. One was particularly prolific in the dating/sleeping around arena, and the amount of girls who would text, call, flirt, physically touch and try and kiss him, was ridiculous.
I remember one girl being less than a metre away and sending my boyfriend (at the time) a topless photo of herself. She knew I could see, she just had no morals. Or class. She also clearly had a death wish, because at 19 I was particularly feisty, with no problem in marking my territory. She's lucky she didn't get my vodka over her horrible, fake boobs...I did do the graceful thing and walked away (with a fantastic evil glare going in her direction every so often). It was only after months of her behaviour, when she phoned my boyfriend in the middle of the night, begging for sex, when we were on holiday, that I put an end to it. Well, when we got back from holiday I did, and she was never heard from again. Happy days. (Please note, I warned her off in no uncertain terms, I didn't hire a hit-man).

Or there's the girl I know who was head over heels with this guy who had a long term partner (so did she). They had an intense chemistry and somehow something developed, and basically over a few years they slept together a handful of times. It wasn't ongoing, but every so often they couldn't resist. Now, he was as bad as her, but ultimately she knew he wasn't hers and she did it anyway. She also did it without feeling the least bit guilty. Yes her boyfriend was a turd, but still, cheating is cheating - as I told her at the time. It ended in tears anyway as it never worked out, even when they did split up with their partners.

Or there is the girl who currently makes me want to slap her with an etiquette Bible. From the outside, she's a nice girl. She's pretty, she's come from a good family, had a good upbringing, she's well spoken, she's fun...for all intents and purpose, she seems a nice girl. However, this girl has a penchant for sleeping with boys (not men - notice what I did there) who aren't hers. Not only are they not hers, they're someone else's. She flirts with anything with a penis, she takes someones relationship declaration to be a sign on 'game-on' and generally gives us females a bad name. She's also very vocal about her conquests, she talks about the men she's slept with, what their capabilities were, what size their manhood was, what size she wants, what she doesn't like...all in front of anyone who'll listen. Where's the class in that darling? I'm all for a good chat about man-parts, but only with my besets friends, not random people I meet in a bar.

Men often wonder why us women can be, have a tendency to be, or occasionally (whichever bracket you fall in to) jealous, paranoid, or maybe even insecure. The truth is, as women, we know what women are capable of. We know what these girls are like, because if we wanted to be, we could all be like that. The difference is, that girls choose that life, and us women don't. We choose elegance, grace and class. We aren't perfect, but we don't break girl-code and we certainly avoid the 'home-wrecker' label at all costs.

Ladies, here's to us.

Girls, grow up.

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