Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mr BoyToy

Last night was my first date with Mr BoyToy, named aptly so because he's a younger man. Thus making me a cougar for the first time in my life - a cradle snatcher, a perv, a predator - all names that got thrown around (in jest) on the date.

I've NEVER considered dating someone younger than me before. I struggle to find a guy my own age who's maturity stretches past the Playstation, drunken weekends and lots of one-night stands. So I was as surprised as anyone when we started messaging online and seemed to hit it off. So much was our similar sarcastic sense of humour that I thought I had nothing to loose...except maybe the last shred of my dignity if it went tits up, and I spent the night listening to how much he loved Call of Duty and doesn't know how to use an iron, washing machine or toaster because his mum still does everything for him. Throwing caution to the wind, I agreed to go on a date with him, but promised myself that if he said the word "X-box" even once, then I would feign an emergency and leg it.

I should point out that he's 25, only two years younger than me. So I may be over reacting a touch. But the closer I get to the big 3-0, the more sensitive I get about age.

He also told me that he had only just come out of a long term relationship three months ago, so I was a bit wary of that too. The word "rebound" was floating around my brain. However my best friend is dating someone after he split up with his previous partner only 6 weeks before. And my ex met his finance three months after we separated. So maybe my mothership was right, maybe men do move on quicker. Heck, he made me laugh, from the bottom of my belly, and that's rare. So the evening was a goer.

Prior to our date he had received major brownie points as he quickly realised that a sense of humour (and muscles) is the way to my heart. He sent me daily meme's of the hilarious variety, sometimes quite a few each day, just to make me smile. His humour was borderline insulting at times, but as a fellow sarcastic humour fan, I could appreciate it. Mostly.

On date night, he was the only one of my dates to pick me up - more brownie points. It was very gentlemanly and only slightly alarming getting into a confined space with a virtual stranger.

We went to one of my favourite restaurants/bars, with a great relaxed vibe. As it was a school night, it was quiet with a nice mellow atmosphere. We ordered drinks and I was pleased to find that he loved gin as much as me - winner.

We spent nearly three hours chatting about all sorts. We touched on some serious topics, funny topics and some past experiences. Even covering our opinions on recreational drugs (he had tried some in his teens, I've never tried any) and the importance of mortgages in 2015 (I rent, he's getting a mortgage), it was a real mixed barrel of chat! It was an easy conversation to keep going as we flowed from one topic to the next, and even if we had differing views, it wasn't a problem as he was such a chilled out personality it didn't feel like a clash. Being around him just put me at ease. As we walked back to the car I realised that was the most relaxed I had felt on a date, ever.

He dropped me home and text me half an hour later thanking me for my company (you're welcome Mr BoyToy) and by the next morning I had heard from him before 9am too - my daily meme. Not knowing how to broach the subject of the second date he had mentioned last night, I asked him outright if he was free this weekend then maybe we should do something. He agreed and suggested a day time date with something fun like crazy golf and lunch. Winner. Well, loser actually because I'm crap at crazy golf.

Mr BoyToy has text me all day, just general chit chat, but also he's also thrown in the odd compliment. Including how much he found my laugh "cute". This is a huge relief because I often think I sound like a horse on speed when I laugh.

Not my usual type, he's not super muscle-man, but he does go to the gym regularly. He's also quietly confident rather than a show-off (yes, I've dated some douchebags) and it fits with his sarcastic humour. He's taller than me (very important), he's got dark hair, dressed well (even if typically for a 25 year old) and has a good job, morals and good life goals. He also lives two streets away - very conveiniant.

So, Mr BoyToy you've been granted a second date, what will you do with it?

Date Rate: 8/10
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